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How to see ghosts or surely bring them to you
like the calm before a loaded gun 
1st-Jan-2016 08:59 pm
lion, pride of baghdad, fic
This Christmas I participated in a fic/art Christmas exchange: I wrote the AC short Tale of the Thief, which I'll post here soon after editing, and received this awesome piece of fanart for my AC Crusaders series in return. I love all the little details, like the Apple, Nusaybah's scarf, and the eagle feathers. And that's Malik, Altair, Nusaybah and Marid around the edges of the map. I have a particular weakness for fanart that doesn't show the characters faces, but I also got another character piece of Malik too1 I love love love fanart :D
A great way to start the year.

crusade cover

malik character art
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