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How to see ghosts or surely bring them to you
New Year's post 
4th-Jan-2015 09:15 pm
monkey, ranting
Happy New Year and  Haere mai from New Zealand!

Yes, it's 2015 and it's time for another New Year's post! This year was a pretty good year. Plenty of fic was written, despite (or maybe because of) a fairly challenging workload that's promised to lighten somewhat in early 2015. Books were read, movies watched, games played, scenery seen.

Fics: 10, plus three sentence stories, and the first chapter of A Thousand Days, my final attempt to put the AC fandom to bed. Or something.

The World Against Us Cry: AC: Black Flag. Worrying gay pirate smut. Despite the premise, I think this one's reasonably well written, so if worrying gay pirate porn is your thing, you might wanna give it a go.Edward/Roberts. 

All Ill-Got Gain: AC Black Flag: Consensual pirate smut. Again, I like this one, if only for the sheer number of contemporary resources available. Adewale/Edward. Best read with nobody else in the house and a large rum and coke. 

Never No More:AC Black Flag. Anne Bonny, postgame.Sort of melancholy and a bit weird, I guess.

We All Are Earth: I think this is the best fic I've written this year. Assassin's Creed AU. Kadar/Robert. Looks like 2014 was the year I well and truly embraced the slash. Maria's in this one, and she's pretty cool. Plus her and Kadar have a bromance and gossip about their mutual admiration of Altair.

All That Remains Is The Arms of the Angels: Mass Effect, for lithiumdoll. Thane Krios apocafic. Thane kills a world and then regrets it. Started out long, got short then ended up long again.Maybe should have stayed short? Best read whilst circling a dying sun.

Hunting The Hare: Game of Thrones, for etoilecourageuse. Catelyn Stark/Ned Stark. Hot pools and smutty innuendo for rarepairfest. I'm surprised this pairing doesn't get more love. 

In The Rays of a Beautiful Sun: Guardians of the Galaxy. Fun fluff in keeping with the spirit of the movie. Thanks to the commenter who pointed out that the Enterprise did in fact have weapons (dammit!)

Alaska Route One:Pacific Rim. AU apocalytofic. Stacker and Mako save each other. Written for lithiumdoll. Would have been better if I'd had more time to edit.

All The World's A Stage: AC Black Flag.Blackbeard prequel. Featuring my favourite church! In a world without gold, he could've been -an actor? For smutmonkeyuk.

The Subject Tonight Is Love: Assassin's Creed Malik/OC (and OH DEAR GOD not a selfinsert). The start of the story that ultimately became A Thousand Days.

A Thousand Days (ongoing) Assassin's Creed postgame historical epic. Saladin! Swordfights! Thrilling rooftop chases. Next installment coming soon to a computer near you! Best read with dust in your hair and sweat on your forehead. 

Word count: 75, 354, about 25% over my average yearly 50,000. Pretty good.

Life events: still in NZ, celebrated four year anniversary (yay), took my first scenic flight (probably the closest thing to a spiritual experience I will ever have), climbed some mountains, drank some damn good beer and extended my appreciation to some damn fine port as well.

2015 didn't start out great when our planned activity was cancelled at the last minute (getting up at 5.45 am on New Year's Day was not exactly one of my favorite things ever) and it's about to head steeply downhill what with working the next 2 weeks straight and on call for six of the first eight nights but at least this year nobody's dying. Thank God. 

Haere ra,


5th-Jan-2015 02:32 am (UTC)
And happy new year to you!
8th-Jan-2015 06:34 am (UTC)
Happy New Year and best wishes!
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