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How to see ghosts or surely bring them to you
tidings of comfort and joy 
25th-Dec-2016 11:44 am
lion, pride of baghdad, fic
Okay, so I also wrote Christmas giftfic, which I shall post here! Do The Best That You Can (and know that you tried), a Star Wars Christmas-in-the-trenches sort of story. Whether you're working Christmas, or if it just feels like work, this one's for you...

Title: Do The Best That You Can (and know that you tried)
Fandom: Star Wars, Rogue One -A Star Wars Story
Rating: An easy PG
Warnings: None (makes a change)
Summary: The Rebel and Imperial troops call a brief cease fire-and realise they have more in common than they thought. A feel-good Christmas fic.

The silence wakes him...

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