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How to see ghosts or surely bring them to you
Reveal: Paragons Prefer Blondes (the bad writing remix) 
19th-May-2014 09:23 pm
lion, pride of baghdad, fic
So the remix fics have finally been revealed for Remix _Redux 11! My story Paragons Prefer Blondes (a retelling of silentstephi's fic charming not-quite -romance Wrong Blonde) is up over at AO3. It's the first time I've participated, and it was lots of fun! The idea is that you take someone's story and retell it in a different style. I must add that silentstephi was incredibly gracious about my retelling of her story as a bad romance novel.    

Title: Paragons Prefer Blondes 
Fandom: Dragon Age: Origins 
Pairing: Warden/Anders, Warden/Alistair, Warden/Everyone
Rating: 15, for bad sex jokes rather than actual content
Spoilers: Yes  
Warnings: Bad writing, bad romance, bad sex, bad puns, and bad decisions. You have been warned.
Summary: Varric's newest romance novel isn't going down well with his editor. A rewrite of silentstephi's fic Wrong Blonde.

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